Monday, September 17, 2007

it's getting just as bad as the LJ.

i never update anything anymore because i'm a terrible blogger. also, it's because my job changed a bit. i used to have a lot more free time to do things like blog and bitch about crap and read perez hilton and stalk people via myspace. nowadays i have to do things like call people before i leave for charlottesville for a shoot. then, on tuesday, i'll be up all day (i mean ALL DAY, my call time is SIX AM!?!?!?!) doing crap for this shoot. so yeah, ugh.

i also started reviewing classic films for this website called, and i'm really excited about it. you can read my newest review for "our town" there right now. be sure to read the comment my grandma left me :) it's awesome.

that's all i got for today. i've been wanting to update for so long, and now, i'm just burnt out.