Wednesday, October 10, 2007

change in blog-itude

so things around here are a little bit different right now. i just recently stopped working at the newshour. if you want to know the whole story, feel free to ask. however, i now have lots of time to play and blog and do whatever i want.

also, i recently have become addicted to knitting. it's my new favorite thing to do. a little bit of research on the internet, and come to find out, there is like a whole underground knitting world out there full of people like me. apparently, one of the things crazy knitters like me do is BLOG about their knitting. from what i can tell, it's mostly just pictures of what they're doing or they have done, with stories about why. so guess what? whenever i actually finish something (besides the first scarf i did for me mam), i'll post it.

the other thing i've been doing lately is watching classic episodes of ER. i gotta tell you, george clooney... he's like a fine wine. he just gets better with age. fantastic.

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