Saturday, April 12, 2008

some good news for a change

i gots me a job!  it's true.  i'll be an office assistant (with lots of possibilities) at the cullom eye & laser center in williamsburg, va.  woooot!  apparently, i could also get free lasiks... lasix?  whatever, i'll be able to see through my own eyeballs, which i haven't done since sometime in the early 90's.  so that's kinda hot.

however, it's not as much as i got at the FORMER job, and therefore jack will stay here in alexandria to look for jobs (not here but other places) while i take refuge with my in-laws.  it won't be too bad, since they are pretty nice people and i'll get to live with cats again.  i'll miss jack, though.  when you spend all your time with someone, it's weird when they're not around.  i don't start until april 28th, so there's lots of time to figure out what goes where and who takes what and rock crushes scissors.

i'm excited to have a job, though... and my reasons are 3 fold.  1- money that's not called "unemployment."  2- health insurance!!  3- something to do!  it's true; i got too bored, and that's really an accomplishment.  here's a list of all the entire series of tv shows i watched while not working:
-arrested development (at least twice)
-futurama (also, at least twice)
-scrubs (don't ask how many times, please)
-six feet under
-friends (almost; i'm on season finale of 8 now)
-how i met your mother
-sex and the city
-ER (through season 7)
-grey's anatomy (through season 3 TWICE)
-the office
-the OC seasons 1 & 2

that is a lot of logged hours on the sofa.  i can see a plot device coming from a mile away.  so many gag reels and deleted scenes and featurettes.  it truly boggles the mind.  i can't wait to tell my future children about the time in life that i was unemployed and sans cable TV.  they will think i lived in the dark ages.

i've started a new knitting project using my new Denise interchangeable needles!  this is the first time i've ever used circulars, and i think i'm doing alright.  i'm making the Ribbed Lace Bolero, and i think it's going to end up being giant.  i'm a tight knitter, so my gauge is different than everything i've seen on ravelry, AND when i did the initial shoulder measurement, i got 20 inches across... which makes me feel like a freakin' LINEBACKER or something.  so, it might be my Ribbed Lace Humpback Warmer for when i'm an old lady and i can't stand up straight any longer.  now i feel guilty about my posture.

DH is making eyes at me about wanting to go to 7-11, so i'll peace out.

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