Thursday, September 10, 2009


I haven't posted anything here in such a long time. I would like to start posting more regularly, but as you know, promises, promises. Either way, here's a quick update on where I've been since President Obama took his oath of office.

I worked in Reston at the law office that shall remain nameless until June, when I took my new position for Albemarle County in Charlottesville, VA. I'm working for the superintendent's office, and it's been pretty great so far. Great people, GREAT supervisor, great environment, so much happier and less dysfunctional than my last position. I'm hoping to stay here for a while.

Also, we got a dog, Leela (as you can see). She's a lab lite, as I say, because she's a black lab mix that makes her smaller than an average lab. People think she's still a puppy, and I use that to give excuses for her crazy behavior, like when she tried to crawl through the iron gate at our new place and got stuck in front of the president of the HOA. She fits in well with us, and we love her.

So, that's about it for now. Hopefully, I'll be able to update this more with rants, tirades, opinions, and pictures of things. Take it easy!

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