Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Something's Comin', Something Good.

It's that time of year again!  What time?  The new TV season, of course!  Yay!  I love New TV Season!

This year, I've decided to break up with Grey's Anatomy, despite how much I enjoyed most of it last season.  My Thursday dance card, even with DVR, is just too full.  Plus, I have to make way for new shows to love. This year, my shows are: HIMYM, The Sing-Off (full season YAY!), Glee, New Girl (because I swear it's about me...), Raising Hope, Parenthood, Community, Vampire Diaries, and The Office.  Man, do I love New TV Season.

So... my first happy of the year comes from (der) Glee.  More specifically (der), Blaine.  Darren Criss sang my absolute FAVORITE song from West Side Story last night, "Something's Coming."  I think it's just the most perfect song from WSS.  Tony is so sweetly excited about what's to come, and he doesn't even know what it is but he knows it's going to change him, to make him better.  The music pulses along in the background, and I grin every time I listen to it.  When I heard Darren would be doing this, I was, needless to say, really damn excited.  Upon first listen, though, I was simultaneously impressed and dissatisfied.  I just thought it was done better in the movie.

Then, when I saw the performance last night... well... just wow.  He blew me away... So, for your viewing and aural pleasure, I've included Darren/Blaine's version below, as well as the Richard Beymer/Jimmy Bryant version for comparison.  I couldn't find a video from last night's Glee (or figured that when I found out, it would be immediately taken down), but you can watch it here.  (Thanks, tumblr!)

I'm such a girl.

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