Monday, November 14, 2011

The Hunger Games trailer, aka Is It March Yet?

I have now watched the trailer for The Hunger Games about 400 times.  Holy moly.  I haven't been this excited about a movie since... well, since Deathly Hallows.  And that is really saying something.  Oh my goodness.

What gets me the most about this is Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss.  I always thought she looked the part, and I had complete faith that she would be able to handle the role.  What I am not prepared for is how well she will be able to handle it.  The clip that will destroy me in the theater is her volunteering.  In the trailer, she fights with the guards after her sister's name is called, then crazily, passionately, without a thought in her head except fear for her sister's life, she screams, "I VOLUNTEER!"  Then, immediately after, she gets herself together and states plainly and strongly, "I volunteer as tribute."  It gives me chills. It's Katniss through and though.  It's perfection.


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  1. Just bought a Kindle. This will be the first series of books I will download.