Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy birthday Jack!!

Thanks for being born.
Thanks for playing the tuba.
Thanks for wearing that Ben Folds Five shirt.
Thanks for driving me to all those shows in DC.
Thanks for letting me watch the Star Wars Episode 2 trailer on your DVD-ROM.
Thanks for going to the away football game that fateful November day.
Thanks for thinking my craziness is cute rather than... well, crazy.
Thanks for making me laugh more than anyone else on the planet.
Thanks for loving me exactly as I am.
Thanks for making me cry while I write this, though you have no idea I'm doing this right now.
Thanks for showing me that having a dog was a brilliant idea.
Thanks for teaching me the wonder that is King's Court.
Thanks for knowing so much random information so you can always answer my questions.
Thanks for cooking me delicious food all the time.
Thanks for always getting my jokes and playing along with my comedy bits.
Thanks for knowing which member of Reel Big Fish is my favorite.
Thanks for letting me be a fan girl.
Thanks for buying me new bookshelves when the old ones get too full.
Thanks for spending your life with me.
Thanks for being you.
Happy stinkin' birthday <3

1 comment:

  1. Awe. This is such a sweet message. Yes, Happy Birthday Jack! :)