Friday, July 6, 2007

i really hate southern dunkin donuts.

i was spoiled being in rhode island for just that one year. anywhere you went in town, there was a dunkin donuts within walking distance... sometimes, within rock throwing distance. i was in charge of the iced coffee runs at the law office (making sure tracy got skim milk & no sugar, while michelle got extra extra). every sunday, either jack or i would saunter down to the dun-don around the corner for a coffee, egg sandwich, and donut.

and then, for whatever reason we felt was right at the time, we moved back to the south. back to virginia. people do not revere the dunkies here the same way they do in new england. it's more of a starbucks lust around here, and starbucks just doesn't cut it when it comes to iced coffee. mcdonald's is trying to jump on the iced coffee wagon, but they fall short. nothing compares to a nice dunkies iced coffee in the morning.

except here in the vag, they can't seem to get their act together. i found a new, shorter route to work since we moved, and there's a dunkin donuts on the way. so, i've taken to stopping there when i have a few minutes to spare on my "commute" of 10-15 minutes. when the place is empty and i am their only customer, i get exactly what i order. when there is even just one other person, something is messed up, and it's usually my coffee. new england uses what i call "coffee language" when ordering, and i spent a year honing my coffee language skills. it's all for naught, because i can't order a medium iced regular, because i get a latte. i have to say, "i'll have a medium iced coffee, french vanilla, with cream and sugar." that is a waste of time. AND, the past two times i've been, i've gotten flavorless coffee with no sugar and hazelnut coffee respectively. today, in fact, when my coffee was brought out, the guy behind the counter said, "hazelnut!" and put it in front of me. my cashier said, "she had vanilla." and the guy said, "yeah, vanilla." and pointed to the coffee he just announced was NOT vanilla. i took it and had a sip, and it's definitely hazelnut.

now, i know this seems like a little, non-important thing to bitch about, but come on. just do your job. they should send all southern dunkies workers to camp in new england to learn how it's done. there would be no lines. there would be no waiting. there would be no mistakes. there would only be delicious coffee to drink and love.

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