Tuesday, July 10, 2007

the "return" of smashing pumpkins.

all of the radio stations around here have been advertising the CRAP out of the "sold out" show at the 930 club tonite. the headliners? the "reunited" smashing pumpkins. people are calling the stations in droves apparently to get tickets to this big deal of a show. if this were true, i would be in line myself. however, it's complete crap.

it's not the reunion of SP. it's billy corgan, jimmy chamberlin, ginger reyes (if that's even a real name...), jeff schroeder, and lisa harriton. no james iha. no d'arcy. therefore... NOT the pumpkins. so, why is everyone so excited to go?

varina had one of the biggest SP phases of all time. everyone was into it. linda and i listened to all of their albums religiously, writing down song lyrics as if they were our own words. in fact, we sang "mayonnaise" at our high school talent show together, with kone (or "sin") and jason mullins (pre-amanda days) playing guitar. jaclyn and i sat in her room for hours on end, listening to the blue disc of "mellon collie and the infinite sadness," inbetween all the tori and van halen (yes, i listened to van halen. cram it). my brother and i rocked out again and again to countless songs, always reading to yell, "and coil my tongue around a bumblebee mouth." tony was even the only person still standing when SP finally made it to richmond, and they were on a 40 minute tangent of XYU. i loved smashing pumpkins, and listening to their songs is like visiting with an old friend, like driving through the streets in the town you grew up in, like nostalgia in music form.

seeing THIS version of smashing pumpkins seems... wrong. it's like cheating. it's stupid. maybe i'm a music purist, but if billy corgan considers THIS a smashing pumpkins reunion... i don't know, someone should tell him that it's still zwan. and who wants that?

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