Wednesday, July 16, 2008

godfather or godfather 2?

I recently re-watched "The Godfather" and I have to totally agree with myself that it's fantastic.  Lots of drama and intrigue and revenge and betrayal.  It's pretty freakin' perfect.  So, since I have the trilogy box set, I moved on to Part II this evening.  There is much debate over which one is better.  MANY critics says that II is better than I.  I am not one of those critics.

Yes, I like II; in fact, I know of love it.  It's a whole new Michael, completely different from the Mikey we met at Connie's wedding.  He's hardened, angry, solitary.  That's why the flashback at the end is so gripping; you see what a few years has done to him.  BUT, does it match up to I in my book?  Not really.  I like the 
whole DeNiro/young Vito storyline in II, but it does seems sort of choppy.  The storylines are supposed to coincide, but mostly, they seem to make you forget about the OTHER plot line.  The first movie is just so compelling, so perfectly done.  Granted, II is basically the best sequel of all time (though, from a personal standpoint, Empire may top it... but that might just be my childhood talking), but still.  Godfather?  Part I?  Fugitaboutit.

I updated my Ravelry today with pictures of stuff I'm working on.  I know, surprise!  I'm really excited about this Lace Ribbon scarf.  The yarn is just so yummy and squishy.  I wish I could buy a lot more, but then I'd be so suuuuper poor.  I added a pic so you could see my work and the delightfulness of this yarn.  I probably should be asleep.  Anyway, it's kinda technicolor, but I like it.  Anyway, I'd better git, since I've gotta get up early to make the big bucks.  I'm also meeting the girls at Captain George's tomorrow.  Expensive, yes... but I also get to eat my weight in shrimp, and who DOESN'T love that??

So... peace out until next time.  I'm going to try to be a bit more frequent with these updates, though I don't think anyone actually reads this.  Eh, who cares?  Check out that Lacy Scarf Action!!

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