Tuesday, July 22, 2008

strange day

first, much love and prayers and thoughts to my katie.  she knows why.

ALSO, very sad, estelle getty!  died!  no way!  every girl picks which golden girl they are, and i am totally a sophia.  it was the original "which sex and the city girl are you" question.  (btw, i'm a miranda.)  either way, her whole tale of dealing with dementia and all of that in the past few years is really heartbreaking, and it's good that she doesn't have to suffer anymore.  HOWEVER, life without sophia?  sad.

and thirdly, perhaps most random, i'm watching i love the new millennium... yeah... on vh1.  and it is kind of ridiculous.  BUT, i'm on year 2002, and they just did a little tribute to andrew wk (when it's time to party, we will party hard).  then, they cut to commercials but did a tease about how botox will be in the next segment.  michael ian black says, have a stroke!  it's cheaper!

so... hope your 7-22 has been equally or more random.  here's hoping.

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