Thursday, November 4, 2010

Twitter Rockstar

I have a plan to write an entire entry about my recent trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but I need The Hubs to post his pics from the trip before I can do that.  I took all my pics on an iPhone, and he's got a nice Canon SLR so... he wins.  Be on the lookout.

Lately, Twitter has been really showing me why I like it.  Granted, I understand why others aren't really into it (like... why do I care what you eat for lunch and how often you use the bathroom?), but seriously, I think it's super fun.  Below are three instances of why.

*On vacation, a meme started called #moviesinmypants.  Basically, much like the Fortune Cookie Game, you take a movie title, and you add "In My Pants" to the end of it.  We used this meme to help us pass the time while waiting in lines to ride some of the rides.  It was very lucky that this was so popular and it lasted the entire time we were in Florida.  We all got really into it, and I MAY have lost a few followers by tweeting too much.  But, hey, if they don't think it's funny, we probably shouldn't be friends anyway.  With help from Bro, SIL, and Hubs, we came up with these gems:
-Can't Hardly Wait In My Pants
-The Wrath of Khan In My Pants
-The Undiscovered Country In My Pants
-First Contact In My Pants
-The Search for Spock In My Pants (obviously, we went on a Star Trek tangent for a while)
-The Third Man In My Pants
-Chitty Chitty Bang Bang In My Pants

*Yesterday, it became official that the first Real World alum has made it to Congress.  Congrats to Sean Duffy, the former lumberjack from the Boston season.  One of my favorite recappers from TWoP who goes by the handle of Couch Baron posted something about Rep. Duffy, and it reminded me of the Boston intro where Sean very hilariously (to me) yelled, "MonTAAAna!" to his castmate with that name.  So, I asked him jokingly how easy it would be to find that sound byte.  Well, it got found (albeit in a roundabout way but still FOUND at around 1:52).  This started a wave of RW nostalgia that brought me to Montana & Vaj's break up video, which immediately made me feel 16 again.  In a good way.

*AND, finally, speaking of feeling 16 again, there's a new hashtag making the rounds: #tweetyour16yearoldself.  I've seen some great ones (especially the one for He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named) and so I threw out my own: "you should really see him now.  he's not worth it."  I like it- it's short, to the point, and it's very meaningful and hilarious to me.  AND, it got retweeted by a total stranger, which I think is awesome.  Why?  Because something that should only matter to me means something to someone else.  Even when you're alone, you're not alone.

And... isn't that the whole point of Twitter?

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  1. I will say that I THOROUGHLY enjoyed and laughed at your "in my pants" movie tweets. Whenever I read those, I always think, "I woulda NEVER thought of that!!"