Thursday, April 22, 2010 a good way.

For Administrative Professionals' Day, the entire OA staff was treated to lunch on the Downtown Mall and even bonus Appreciation cake :)  I ate way too much, but in that good way.  I also just changed the background on my iGoogle to the Crumbs Bake Shop background, so I feel like I'm about to go into a diabetic coma.  Also, in a good way.  (P.S. way to my heart = bypass Jack + Crumbs Red Velvets... HEAVENLY!)

Every night when Hubs and I eat dinner, we always turn on the TV and find something to watch while we eat (since our dining room table is only used as a desk and for fancy occasions).  Usually, Law & Order or Bones or something is on, so we'll watch that (unless the Bones is at the beginning, because that's when they are the grossest and not for dinner watching).  Last night, though, nothing worth watching was on... until we reached the Starz! section.  Then it was like biggity-bam!  Mallrats!

It's been a smoking, burning, hot minute since I've watched Mallrats.  Usually, if I'm feeling Kevin Smith-y, I just pop in Clerks cartoons (the fave of the Hubs) or Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back.  So, we're watching Mallrats, and I'm cracking up like I haven't seen it hundreds of times.  We were quoting lines left and right, even with perfect inflection.  And Jason Lee looks like a wee little baby!  Granted, it's probaby due to lack of 'stache, but still... loves it.  Freakin' loves it.  Made me feel very high school... in a good way.  Since that is apparently the theme of this blog.

I know I haven't mentioned the most epic hour of television ever yet in this blog, which is strange considering how I feel about my own personal brand of heroin (aka GLEE).  Instead of gushing about how much I loved it or talking through all the best points, I will simply say...
watch it!

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