Sunday, July 24, 2011

"I fell asleep watching Veronica Mars again..."

In my post-Potter world, I've been looking at life differently...

Sorry, couldn't help myself.  Honestly, it was quite an experience to see the movie, and I loved it to little tiny bits, but I'm not suffering from Post-Potter Depression.  It was a lovely conclusion, and now I'll look forward to Pottermore.  I didn't really have anything to say of any importance, but I felt I should update the blog to let my oh-so-many followers know that I wasn't about to self-Avada Kedavra.  Currently, I'm just suffering from Extreme Comic-Con Jealousy.  I'll make it there one day... ONE DAY...

So, to thank you for reading this entry, please enjoy this video!  It's currently my favorite song.

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