Friday, July 8, 2011

ReRead 2011: Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince

Um... you know what I'm gonna say!

The closer we get to next Friday, the harder and harder these things are to write.  I can't believe the movie is almost HERE.  I can't believe any of this.

So, what are my thoughts on HBP?  Well, first, here's my own personal buying story.  When HBP came out, I was working at a tv station, and my shift started at 4 am (YEP, 4 AM!!).  There was a Books-A-Million right next to the station, so I went there at midnight to get my book, and I hid from our cameras who would be running the midnight book buying story on the morning show.  From there, I sat at my buddy's desk for the next 4 hours until my shift started, reading and eating peanuts.  Then, I sat in the audio booth and read in there until the show started at 6 am.  Then, I read during commercial breaks.  I'm amazed the show even had audio, to be honest.

The moment I finished the last sentence of HBP and closed the book, I couldn't think.  I couldn't even move.  This one hit me hardest of them all (until Deathly Hallows came around).  It's very clear that the end is so near, and yet there are so many questions that need to be answered and so many things that need to be addressed before the fans would be satisfied.  However, if the journey would be anything like this one, I would definitely be there for the ride.  HBP dove into Voldemort's past, showing the unsavory roots of the most terrifying wizard of their generation.  And what's worse- Jo actually makes you feel kinda bad for him.  He grew up in a terrible environment, feeling abandoned by his family and knowing he was destined for something greater.  However, it becomes abundantly clear that life is all about the choices you make, and he... chose poorly.

The most interesting and important aspect of Voldemort's past, however, is his creation of Horcruxes, the pieces of his soul that must be destroyed before he can officially kick the bucket.  Dumbledore reckons there would be seven, since it's a magical number and all (though I'm partial to three meself).  Either way, between the diary from CoS and the ring that Dumbledore found and destroyed, looks like that's 5 to go, essentially turning Deathly Hallows into a road book with a mission.  And that's just fine with me!

I truly love so many things about HBP, from the reveal of the identity of the Half-Blood Prince himself to Hermione's complete and total girly anger over Ron's snogging of Lavender.  All of those are reasons why HBP stole the throne of Jeskuh's Favorite HP Movie Adaptation from PoA (also for this scene).  BUT, the thing I love the MOST?  HARRY AND GINNY FOREVER AND FOR ALL TIME.  I've read on the interwebs before that many fans thought it would be Harry & Hermione together.  Those people are, frankly, idiots.  Ginny has always had The Feelings for Harry, and she's awesome, and if they are together forever and for all time, that makes Harry OFFICIALLY Ron's brother and Molly & Arthur's son.  It's a no-brainer.  Plus, reading how his crush slowly develops is really fun, especially when he doesn't even realize what's going on.

The best part of this book, however, is the relationship between Dumbledore and Harry.  It really grows and blossoms over this story, though it becomes quite clear that he's setting Harry up to take over for him.  And with good reason.  Severus Freakin' Snape just up and kills him.  Double U.  Tee.  Eff.  The death itself isn't what always gets me in this book, though it is quite sad.  It's the funeral; more specifically, the description of Hermione sobbing into Ron's shoulder while a single tear falls from his the end of his long nose.  For whatever reason, that's the moment I join the Golden Trio in their tearful sorrow.  Bucket for my creys.  At least it prepared me for the extreme and total cryfest that would occur from Deathly Hallows.  But, you have that to look forward to with the NEXT entry, which will most consist of me telling you all the times I cried.  Spoiler alert: THERE ARE A TON.

I love the idea of a love potion that has a different aroma for each person, so it smells like whatever attracts each person the most.  I love how that's one of the first obvious signs that Harry's got a crush on Ginny.  I LOVE that Hermione thinks of something and immediately blushes and shuts up.  I ESPECIALLY LOVE that I recently found out (via Tumblr, OF COURSE) that the third thing Hermione smells in the potion is Ron's hair.  That's so damn precious.

I've already stated why this chapter makes me cry, but it's also just so... final.  It's our main three characters, all together, deciding to go on their one final mission.  To quote a TV show I used to watch so much back in the day, you think you know... but you have no idea.

My next and final HP ReRead post will be very soon.  It'll be up next week, hopefully at least before I head out to the movie...

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