Tuesday, April 24, 2012


So, I'm checking my blogs this morning, and I find that the illustrious Katy Upperman posted this Alphabet Survey.  I'm still in that "writing prompt" mode (since this is planning/packing week for BIG ASIA TRIP NEXT WEEK!) so I thought I'd oblige and fill this out as well.  And here we go!
A is for age
30.  Though I often feel older than old is old (especially hanging out with the younger contingent of the DC YA Mafia), I wasn't terrified to turn 30.  I've heard the best is yet to come, and so I wait.
B is for breakfast today
Granola bar and that new International Delight Iced Coffee.  So far, it's like sugary goodness tinged with a hint of coffee flavor.  Not perfect but I'll keep on drinkin' it.
C is for currently craving
Right now, nothing as it's early still.  Maybe a doughnut, but that's mostly because I'm always craving a doughnut.  It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single Jessica BS in possession of a brain must be in want of a doughnut.
D is for dinner tonight
I am not the chef in our house, as I've been known to somehow burn and undercook the same dish, so that's up to The Hubs.  My guess is chicken.  Or pasta.
E is for favorite type of exercise
Don't tell, but I actually enjoy jogging on the treadmill while listening to cheesy dance music.  My second favorite is Zumba, even though I feel 50 shades of awkward while I'm in class.  I just channel my inner Liz Lemon and keep on dancing.
F is for an irrational fear
Just one?  Okay, let me pick my least crazy one.  Bees, wasps, and any other stinging insect.  I know they won't bother me unless I bother them, but when I see one, I can't do anything but stare and cower and fear my imminent death.
G is for gross food
Onions.  Ugh, and sweet pickles.  Yuck.  Sweet pickles are THE DEVIL'S FOOD.
H is for hometown
Richmond, VA.  More specifically, the east side.
I is for something important
My husband is important to me.  He's truly the only person who always, always gets me.  
J is for current favorite jam
A- Katy posted her favorite flavor jam before she posted her favorite kind of song.  That is awesome.
B- I still cannot stop listening to From Finner by Of Monsters and Men.
K is for kids
None yet.
L is for current location
In my "office" in Arlington.  I say "office" because I don't have a door or anything, and it's kind of an open area, but no one sits here with me.  I've got a pretty great view, though.
M is for the most recent way you spent money
I think it was for groceries on Sunday?  I'm trying to not buy anything unnecessary so I can buy more unnecessary things on vacation next week.
N is for something you need
I need to find the discipline to stop complaining about things that are within my power to change and actually change them.
O is for occupation
Keeper of Calendars and Wrangler of Wanderers.  My boss calls me the boss because he couldn't function without me.  It's a blessing and a curse.  
P is for pet peeve
I have tons because that's who I am.  Currently, it's people on the Metro who do not understand the concept of GETTING OUT OF THE WAY OF OTHER PASSENGERS.  I know I live in an elitist city where the majority of people believe that their destination is far more important than anything and everything else in the world, including every person standing near them or will stand near them until they reach their destination.  The sad fact is, it isn't.  And the polite thing to do when you're standing in front of an open Metro door when it's not your stop is to MOVE.  Ugh.
Q is for a quote
Frank: You're telling me that I've been putting shampoo on my sandwiches? Charlie: If you're using the mayonnaise, then yeah, probably.
R is for random fact about you
I am really, really, really excited for The Avengers.
S is for favorite healthy snack
What is this "healthy snack" of which you speak?  Uh, I guess an apple?  Or some edamame?
T is for favorite treat
Currently, I'd say Ben & Jerry's Milk & Cookies ice cream.  It's like cookies & cream and chocolate chip cookie dough got together and had a delicious ice cream baby.
U is for something that makes you unique
I think most things about me make me unique.  I'm fairly difficult to duplicate.  And, despite how angry and frustrated I might be with things lately, I usually do like being me.
V is for favorite vegetable
Broccoli or red peppers.
W is for today’s workout
My plan is to go to Zumba tonight.  It'll be my last class before VACATION.  Have I talked about that yet?  Yeah, I'm going on vacation next week.
X is for X-rays you’ve had
I've had teeth x-rays, a chest x-ray once... I think that's it.
Y is for yesterday’s highlight
I'd have to say when Hubs got home from work, and Mutt was like FLIPPING OUT over him walking through the door.  All butt shaking and prancing around and playful bowing.  That was pretty hilarious.
Z is for your time zone
Eastern!  Until Saturday.  When we go.  On vacation.
Well this was ridiculously fun.

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  1. Jess, I like you EVEN MORE after reading your survey answers! I feel like we might have similar personalities and similar dry senses of humor. Awesome. And now I MUST go purchase some of that Ben & Jerry's ice cream. It sounds devine!