Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Joss Whedon School of Awesome

I saw The Avengers yesterday.  Obviously, I loved it like a love song, baby.  (Don't judge me.)
art by gingerhaze, who is simply a-mah-zing
As I walked back to the car with The Hubs, I couldn't stop proudly babbling over Joss Whedon's latest creation.  As a self-proclaimed Whedonite, I knew my guy would do an amazing job, even on a huge project like this.  In the bluntest terms, Joss is the man.  He can do everything: action, romance, TV, movies, sci-fi, fantasy, westerns, musicals, horror- you name it, he can do it, and he can do it really well. The reason why Whedonites like me are so passionate about his work is because he values his audience and treats them like equals.  Whedon takes an extreme amount of time thinking about each character critically from every angle.  He's got a clear idea in his head about each and every person he writes, and he has an amazing way of displaying those ideas in a manner that relates to everyone.
You little redheaded genius you.
And The Avengers?  No exception there.  This is a huge undertaking, with an even huger (more huge?) cast of characters.  Any one of them could have easily gotten lost in the shuffle or been demoted to an insignificant role.  Instead, it's executed perfectly, and I know I'll be indulging in this movie 100 times over (OR, rather, I'll keep hitting repeat-peat-peat-peat-peat-peat).

So, this got me thinking (not the Selena Gomez; the movie).  Now that Joss Whedon is finally getting the buzz he deserves and becoming a household name, he should branch out into other areas.  And by branch out, I mean he should start his own writing school.  I already have a name for it.

The Joss Whedon School of Awesome.

Think about it, man!  Think of the incredible learning experience this school could offer!  Learning the writing process of Joss Whedon FROM Joss Whedon!  Learning how to write characters from all sides, in all manners!  All those kick-ass ladies!  The captains without a moral compass!  The vampires with souls!  The superheros with brains and hearts and guts and egos!  THESE ARE NOT THE HAMMER!!

...I think I'm getting off topic.

RIGHT.  Joss Whedon School of Awesome.

After a brief mention on Twitter, I had some suggestions for degrees: a Bachelor of Awesome, a PhD in Horribleness (with classes taught by Doctor Horrible himself, if he can pull himself away from the Evil League of Evil).  A Master of Heart-breaking Deaths (*Firefly/Serenity spoiler alert* I'm still not over Wash, yo).  Classes would include gems like Cursing in Chinese, Proper Uses of Slayer Strength, Future History Post-Sino-American War, Quips for the Modern Hero, Quips for the Modern Anti-Hero, Writing Your Own Earworm of a Tune, or New Ways to Break Your Fans' Hearts into Teeny Tiny Unmendable Pieces.  There could be locations all over the verse, from Asgard to Sunnydale.

And so.  Joss.  Buddy.  Let's make this happen.  I'll be there, first row, all bells-y.

Oh, and so much congrats to you, sir.  You deserve every bit of it.


  1. I am in. I'm on the PhD course OBVS and I want to TA for Quips for the Modern Hero and Quips for the Modern Anti-Hero.

    Just let me know where to send my tuition check.

  2. LOL Jess, what a great idea :) I'm DYING to see the Avengers, I've heard such amazing things... If Sarah's TAing those classes, I'll take them too because I bet I can get her to give me test answers in advance...

    1. Oh, think of the epic study sessions this could bring... i.e. watching Buffy reruns.

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    1. Thanks! And thanks for coming by!!