Sunday, November 9, 2008

promises, promises...

i always say i'm going to update this more, and then i never do.  awful.  either way, i'm here now so i'll update.

back in northern va, back in the apartment with jack, gots a new job at a law firm in reston.  it's not too bad, sometimes boring but nice co-workers and free bagels on wednesdays.  so, that's alright.  being back in town was an adjustment, but now we live much, MUCH closer to eddie and miguel, and that's been really awesome.  plus, in tysons, there is everything... except a convenient grocery store.  other than that, though, i can get just about anything ever.  it's pretty awesome.

my birthday was last saturday (as in the FIRST of the month), and it was kinda weird and awesome.  i was a bridesmaid in matt & ashleigh's wedding (with my matchy-matchy date, the groomsman hubby), and it was quite awesome to get all dolled up on my b'day.  ashleigh made sure to sing to me before she walked down the aisle, looking like a spectacular amazing bride.  they also called me out at the reception, as well as someone's grandpa who was also celebrating his birthday.  getting to see my friends and being drunk and rocking out was pretty friggin' fun, i gotta say.

so, now i'm 27.  i think it'll be a good year because the past 8 days have been particularly AMAZING.  after the birthday, it was election day, and we all know how that went.  america voted in droves, and finally, FINALLY, my candidate won!  president obama!  i was moved to tears by his acceptance speech, and i know i'll never forget that night or that moment for years to come.

and now, it's a KIND of lazy sunday.  i'm watching csi, and it's one i've seen like 3 times.  it's where mr. arnold from wonder years is an old cop trying to close a cold case, and there's deadly night shade or some crap.  either way, some guy just said his face was melting, and now i'm distracted.  plus, DH just came home from camping, so i should be nice and say hello.  peace out, readers.

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