Thursday, October 21, 2010

"I know the risk, but I have to know her."

the vampire diaries cast Pictures, Images and PhotosWhen I first about The Vampire Diaries show on the CW, I was not really excited.  It had the look of another ridiculous vampire thing (which I love, but didn't know how CW would handle that), the lead girl only had Degrassi to her resume (not very promising as far as quality of acting goes, though good for a marathon of cheese on a rainy day), and the man vamp guy portrayed one of my least favorite characters in the first season of The O.C.  However, I watched the first few episodes, and I was really, really pleased.

Then I "became" a huge snob, and I decided to let go of it due to the fact that it's not broadcast in HD in our area.  I know, I know, my wallet's too small for my fifties and my diamond shoes fit too tight, but still.  The visual of the show is so dang dark, it's hard to watch in standard def.

I have been literally devouring the first season over the past few days, and I'm almost caught up to current 2nd season shenenigans.  There's no way for me to watch this show live, since my TV Dance Card is already full at 8 pm on Thursday, but me + TVD + the interwebs = best math ever.  Either way, I think the show is great.  It's just the right amount of cheesy teenage goodness without being irritating, and it's actually mostly well-written and well-acted, even for the reservations I already mentioned.  I do think that all these modern-day romantic vampire leads really owe everything to Joss, though.  Angel was around long before Stefan and Edward, both paper- and plot-wise.  I'm also glad I can read Cindy's TWoP recaps.  She used to do HIMYM and Lost recaps, and so I missed her snark in my life.

However, in my binge, I had what I think is a super idea.  A quick Google search shows me I'm not the first person to think of this concept, BUT I don't see it on that list, so I'm going with original.  It's The Vampire Diaries Drinking Game.  The rules are simple: drink whenever someone mentions "145 years" or "1864," and you will be tanked in NO time.  Bonus drink if a Salvatore is shirtless ;)

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