Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"Just might feel like singing autumn song..."

After last night's Glee hilariously titled "Grilled Cheesus," I wanted to write about how I loved their take on religion, on how interesting it was to see many characters openly claim that they are atheists.  However, I don't want to get into any kind of deep, philosophical conversation about that right now.  Plus, I've heard somewhere before that you should never talk about religion or politics... but I think that's only when drunk.  Eh, whatever, it still works.

Autumn Pictures, Images and PhotosInstead, I want to discuss something that's come to my attention in the past week or so.  Here in VA, the temperatures have cooled tremendously, taking us from balmy humid monster temps one week, to wearing jackets, scarves, and long sleeves the next.  My FB and Twitters blew up with people complaining about the cold, the dreariness, the sad fall taking away the happy shiny summer.

Frankly, I couldn't be more excited.

I am not a summer lover.  In fact, I kind of hate it.  I hate sweating, I don't tan (thanks, Polish genes!), I'm super pale from the non-tanning, I don't like the beach, I hate wearing bathing suits, etc. etc.  Granted, I can vacation at the beach, especially if family/friends are going, but it's not something I would choose for myself.

However, I love the fall.  I love the smells, the food, the activities, the reemergence of weather and seasons, the leaves changing to beautiful bright shades, the boot wearing, the sweaters, the everything.  A vacation I would choose for myself would be European, culture-filled romps of museums and food and sight-seeing, with no summery heat to ruin the walk, especially if it fell around my November b'day.  There would be nary a bathing suit in sight.
So I read all these complainer messages about the Departure of The Hotness, and all I can think is, Good Riddance!  Bring on the pumpkin lattes!  Bring on the changing leaves!  Bring on the football, and the cider, and the arm warmers, and the knitting!  Bring it on, Autumn!

Maybe that's why I enjoyed that year in Rhode Island so much...


  1. Of course summer is my favorite season, but autumn is definitely 2nd my fave! After your description of a European vacation... wow, that sounds wonderful! When do you wanna go??? :) Your description was my Amsterdam trip a few years ago... leaves changing colors, the air was crisp... it was perfect! Well, maybe it could have been just a touch warmer... but it was beautiful.

    I guess why I've grown to LOVE love love summer is because in California, our summers are very mild. (Well, on the COAST... where I've always lived... 2 hour drive east to the desert, it's easily 120 degrees everyday.) And every time I've been to Hawaii, it's always been warm, but not uncomfortable. Not humid. I don't so much love being in a bathing suit, but it keeps me motivated to exercise! EVERYONE works out all the time... ugh...

    Anyway, I hope you'll still plan a beach vacation to Hawaii sometime soon! ;)

  2. doesn't a European vacation sound lovely?? my mom's been making me think about it. she just got her passport for the first time, and i'm trying to inspire her to go to Italy :) also, i agree that CA has made you love the summer, as i'm sure it would do to me as well.

    however, OF COURSE i'll plan a beach vacay to Hawaii! give me a few months, and i guarantee i won't be singing the praise of cold weather!

  3. Really, it was the seasons? I thought it was me. Hmph.