Friday, May 11, 2012

[Fantastic Five Friday] Five Favorite TV Kisses

Blanket spoiler warning, although every kiss I'm about to mention aired in 2007 or earlier.

I love TV.  I love kissing.  I love blogging lists.  I love The Weekly Enthusiast for starting this blog meme.  This one's a no-brainer, people.

Pushing Daisies, S1E3 Aired 10.17.2007, "The Fun in Funeral"
also known as The Cellophane Kiss
Ned and Chuck's relationship is one of my favorites, because it's so damn sweet and so damn heart-breaking.  He cannot touch her because if he does, SHE WILL DIE.  They must find creative ways to show their affection that do not involve actual skin-to-skin contact or else Chuck becomes The Lonely Tourist Dead Charlotte Charles once more.  And, since this is a Bryan Fuller show, it's gotta be quirky as can be.

Veronica Mars, S1E18 Aired 4.12.2005, "Weapons of Class Destruction"
also known as First LoVe
Logan and Veronica had been doing this strange and crazy dance around one another for a few episodes before this, building up the tension as all the best shows will do.  She had been helping him out on a case, and he dropped many of the bitter feelings he had in the past for her.  It all culminates in this awesome sweeping kiss that you don't see coming just as much as you do.  None of the videos would let me embed the actual kiss, so here's what I've found.  THIS VIDEO is the lead-up to the kiss, which you should watch because it includes a mulleted JTT (YES!) and Logan calls him "Jump Street" and it's just good to have back story.  THIS VIDEO is the kiss itself.  It looks like the picture below, but... you know... moving and stuff.
Like this, but with more kissing.
Friends, S2E7 Aired 11.9.1995, "The One Where Ross Finds Out"
also known as That Scene That Always Plays Whenever Anyone Talks About Ross & Rachel
Before they became a veritable punchline, Ross and Rachel's will-they-or-won't-they carried quite the punch.  I'm a big ole Friends fan, still to this day.  I remember watching the build-up to this for weeks (yes, when it aired back in 1995 when I was just barely 14 years old) and my baby-teenage heart was FIT to BURST.  And then, it happened.  Oh my, did it happen.  Watching the video of the kiss still gave me chills, even this many years later.  Again, unable to embed so entire scene can be viewed RIGHT HERE.
Well, hello there, Dr. Geller.
The Office, S2E22 Aired 5.11.2006, "Casino Night"
also known as The Night I Yelled at My Boyfriend For Making Me Love This Show
Y'all.  In doing my research for this entry, I just fell down a serious Jim and Pam rabbithole, and THE FEELS.  THEY ARE OF THE KILLING KIND.  I'm such a Jim and Pam fangirl.  This is another that I remember so SO well.  I remember watching their relationship unfold, breaking my heart piece and piece as it went, because I never thought Jim would be able to get the girl.  They were too tentative, too shy, too good at their little dance that they couldn't see around it.  So it's Casino Night, and something in Jim sees that this is his moment and... Pam says no.  And I cried like a little girl, hands pressed to my mouth, tears streaming down my cheeks.  But fear not, True Believers!  It wasn't over yet!  Actions speak louder than words!  THIS VIDEO is a poor quality version of the kiss itself, but the below video is so so sweet, and it's rocking the Ingrid, and you can see the kiss again starting at about 2:36.

Gilmore Girls, S4E22 Aired 5.18.2004, "Raincoats and Recipes"
also known as That Time I Squeed So Loud I Terrified My Neighbors
No TV list of mine is complete without one GG reference.  And you know it had to be Lorelai.  What I adore about Luke and Lorelai as a pair is that it wasn't so hit-you-over-the-head obvious as TV couples usually are.  Yes, it was established in the pilot that Luke was a dude that gave Lorelai The Feelings, and yes it gets pretty properly hinted at over the course of these 4 seasons, but it didn't take over the plot as a whole.  Not until the end of Season 4, and suddenly Luke Can See Her Face, and that surly, hat-wearing diner owner is DONE.  Love it.


  1. LUKE AND LORELAI!!!!!!!!!! *flail* seriously an amazing kiss. <3

    Chuck and Ned. Good gravy, I miss that show.

    1. I know! I've been swooning all day...

  2. Yes, yes, and more yes. I could watch all of these kisses forever. Well, except Luke and Lorelai because I haven't seen that show. But now I am SO craving a VM marathon!! Followed closely by a Friends marathon.

    1. That sounds heavenly! I haven't had a Friends marathon in many, many years.

  3. Love them all! I did a post on my favorite first kisses (including a few from movies as well as TV) on Monday. LoVe and Ross/Rachel's both made the list. I really miss Friends and Veronica Mars... I've never seen Pushing Daisies but I kind of want to look it up now!

    1. Oh, you must watch Pushing Daisies. It's so pretty and so sweet and it makes you crave all the pies ever.