Tuesday, May 22, 2012

[Top Ten Tuesday] Top Ten Blogs That Aren't About Books

It's Top Ten Tuesday, a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.  This week, the topic is non-book related, which is a little bit different than what they usually post, but it keeps with what I usually post here on my blog o' nonsense.  The topic: ten blogs or sites you read that aren't about books.  I'm going to stick with blogs rather than sites (because I think you guys are aware I like Twitter by now, and I'd like to get more specific than just stating Tumblr, as you're about to see).  I'll give you this warning: the links I'm about to share with you will cause you to chuckle, guffaw, and possibly even cachinnate.  With that, let's begin!

One of my favorites, ever.  I thank my sister-in-law for sharing this one with me.  Kelly Williams Brown lists her steps on "how to become a grown-up in 387 easy(ish) steps."  It's perfectly hysterical in its accuracy on so many accounts.  My favorites are the Flowcharts and Doodles, especially the "How many drinks can you have at a work function?" and the graph depicting Toilet Paper Need Over Time.  Being a grown-up doesn't have to be lame.

Awesome People Hanging Out Together
Brilliant and simple.  Ever wanted to see a picture of Leonard Nimoy and Jimi Hendrix together?  How about David Lee Roth, Sean Penn, and the Beastie Boys?  Or Hunter S. Thompson, John Cusack, Johnny Depp, and a blow-up doll?  Yeah, I thought you might.  They're all available, plus many more combinations that will blow your mind.

Awkward Family Photos
I love this one so much because I TOTALLY understand.  I grew up in a family of photo- and videographers, thus many awkward moments were captured of me over the years.  On the other hand, there are so many pictures here that I do not understand.  Like every topless pregnancy photo.  And there are tons of them.

Created by Jen of Cake Wrecks, this is her girly, geeky, crafty blog.  While I have been known to be girly and geeky, I'm not crafty like Jen, but I do adore her pictures.  The best is when she posts step-by-steps of how to recreate some of her awesome projects.  Geek love!

I Love Charts
Again, brilliant and simple.  It's charts of all kinds, explaining just about anything you could think of plus millions more.  For example, on its first two pages right now, we've got a timeline of the timing of lyrics in Every Song, a graphic to depict which Dickens novel is the most Dickensian, and a line graph about Avenging.

I'm Remembering!
It's pictures of nostalgic things, like Ecto Cooler and Dream Phone and Hostess Pudding Pies.  And you look at them and think to yourself, YES I DO REMEMBER THAT.  And then you feel old.  And crave vanilla pudding pies.

Oh No They Didn't!
My friend often wonder where I find out all my random information or how I tend to know everything about entertainment news before them.  It's because of ONTD.  Sometimes, they tell me TOO MUCH, but I love them far too much to ever dump them due to bugabooing.  AND ALSO, the gifs!  MAN, I love gifs.

R Pattz Talks
Have you ever watched an interview with Rob Pattinson?  Boy's cray.  But hilarious and awkward and cray, which is oddly enough my favorite type of cray.  This blog is gifs of Rob's choiciest phrases.  Most of them are about how much he dislikes Twilight... while doing Twilight press.  One of my favorites is this gif set of his quotes from the commentary of Twilight.  This is a great one for a quick laugh.

Unsuck DC Metro
I'm a Metro commuter, and there are SO MANY THINGS that anger me about the process.  It doesn't anger me enough to drive to work (not yet, anyway) but my irritation level has risen GREATLY since returning from Japan & Korea, where their metro systems had ZERO broken escalators and FAR LESS delays.  It helps to read this after a particularly awful ride in, so I feel like I have at least one person who understands.

The Weekly Enthusiast
I've talked about this one before, since I've participated in her Fantastic Five Fridays.  This is a more recent find for me, and I'm glad I found her, because I was in the mood for something besides book blogs (which... is sort of the point of this list, isn't it?) and I do love my TV.  Special thanks for linking to a sneak peek of the new show Bunheads, because that sort of made my day.

Thanks!  Click away!!


  1. Love Awkward Family Photos, and I'm totally checking out Adulting! Thanks for the recommendation!

    1. You are welcome! Thanks for stopping by :) I hope you enjoy, and feel free to stop by again.

  2. Oh wow! I am remember is FUN! Great share. Here is my list http://wp.me/pzUn5-Zz

    1. Great list! Damn You Auto Correct *almost* made my list too! I love it, but I cannot ever read it in public because I always laugh until I cry :)

  3. Doh! I'm Remembering

  4. I love these links!! I had not seen Adulting or (shockingly) the Metro one! Added to favorites immediately!!

    1. Yes! Adulting is my j-a-m. Makes me giggle all the time.

  5. I just clicked on Adulting. So great. I will have to read more of the archives later.
    Angela @ AJ Arndt Books Blog

  6. I'm a little late to the party, but great googily moogily, these were awesome. Adulting and the RPatz in particular! And I just lost about an hour to I'm Remembering. Thanks for feeding my pet procrastinator. ;)

  7. My teenbeat friend... you need to go to my blog today. You will appreciate :) http://hagenhoopla.blogspot.com/2012/05/hollywood-days-interview-with-andre.html