Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Give up the funk.

So... no rounds done on the future Sock Puppet last night.  Why?  Because I decided to get margaritas with co-workers instead.  Therefore, as much as I want to finish the sock(s), I feel I should be making friends too.  We still don't really have that many people we hang out with in town, except for my favorite Katie, so it's good to get out and be ridiculous sometimes.  I forgive myself for not knitting when I got home.  And you should too, you judgers!

Okay, so I have been very vocal about my love for Glee and how it is, to quote a sparkly vamp [and a Mormon housewife], my very own brand of heroin.  I hear what people say about how ridiculous it is and how it makes no sense and how nothing that happens could logically or realistically HAPPEN, and I just brush it off.  I know it's out of control, but I don't really care.

However, last night's penultimate Funk left me... well, in a funk.  I have been able to ignore the gaping plotline holes for a while, but there were too many that grated me last night.  Why did Jesse go back to Vocal Adrenaline when TWO WEEKS AGO he and Rachel were back together?  And, last week, he wasn't even THERE, so... did they break up?  I mean, all it would take is one line of THROW AWAY dialogue to say, "oh, yeah, Jesse won't return my calls, it's so bizarre."  And then, when he was back in VA this week, the viewer would say, "OH, remember last week?  How he disappeared?  Turns out, it's because he's a d-bag!  I got it!"  But, no.  Inexplicably back to the enemy.  Not really into that.  From what I'm reading on the interwebs, I'm not the only one feeling this way.

And yet, I find myself wishing that Glee would do more fantasy-like sequences a la "Loser."  While I thought that was a supah random choice for a song, I thoroughly enjoyed their zombie-like faces as they wandered through Sheets-n-Things.  It reminded me of what Six Feet Under used to do that never failed to entertain me.  Plus, if they did more fantasy sequences like this, it would make the Assignment of the Week angle disappear, or hopefully it would.  I like that there's a theme every week, but it seems forced to make these kids have weekly "assignments" and then they sing their "assigned" songs.  I think it would be better to have a weekly theme, and maybe the entire group sings a theme-y song together (like last night's Give Up the Funk), but the Glee kids could have theme-related fantasy numbers. 

I would really like that, alright, Ryan Murphy?  Look into it and get back to me.

Bonus: in looking up that video of Claire, I found what is my top #1 favorite series finale ever.  Enjoy! (um... spoiler alert warning if you've never seen the SFU finale...)

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  1. Did NOT like last night's episode. I might have to be done. And their funk -- was not funky at all.