Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June... already!

The theme of this blog is supposedly TV and knitting.  I tend to sit more in the TV chair than the knitting throne because I've been kind of lazy, and it takes no dexterity to watch TV, unless you're trying to do a work-out video or something, at which point you have made me tired.  So, I thought I'd go old school and actually talk about those two things today!  Side note: whenever I read the descriptor of what this blog is, I think "knitting and TV" to the tune of Blur.

Knitting: I'm still knitting that sock.  That same sock.  Not the other one in the set.  The SAME ONE.  It's my first sock, and it's been kind of tough to find a method I like.  I should have just bought one small circular needle and knit a tube like nobody's beezneees.  However, I tried DPNs, then Magic Loop, and both made me want to go HRKJHSEJSHKGJFGIOIES.  So, I've been doing this on 2 circulars, and it's kind of pokey sometimes, but it's been working.  My problem is that, since it's been so stinkin' hot outside, my hands get sweaty and then the needles get a little slippery, and then a stitch falls, and then I get angry and harumph a lot.  Mostly, I just need to get this crap done and quit being such a whiny baby about it.  10 rounds before the end of the day!  That's my goal...

TV: Season finales have all occurred except for Glee, which is next week, and Party Down, which is... some time... soon.  Now is the time when I should knit more because I won't have as much to watch.  Actually, summer is the time when I decide to add a new show to my Netflix or watch that series I own and love on DVD.  I know I should watch Firefly, since I'm a fan of the Whedon and the Fillion, but I couldn't get into that first episode.  Maybe I should pay attention more?  I'm sure.  I was also thinking of watching Lost again, all the way through from start to finish.  I think we have most of the episodes still saved on the DVR, or I'm sure by the time I'm ready for Season 6, it'll be out on DVD. 

As far as new summer shows, sometimes we watch the silly crap like WIPEOUT or Real Housewives of NJ (I need my drama fix!), sometimes we give new shows a chance, but for me, summer = PSYCH.  Hooray!  I'm even more excited having seen these pictures just posted where Dule Hill is DANCING.  I lurve Gus.  Summer also means True Blood.  There have been some leaked photos of this new season, and seeing them makes me have the urge to re-read the 3rd book.  I know there has to be some lead-up to the 4th book (which is my favorite, I think...), but I can't remember what it is!

I want a donut.


  1. I might have to be done with Glee. The Lady Gaga stuff was just too much.

    And you could turn the sock into a puppet.