Thursday, August 26, 2010

Acceptance is the first step.

As I sit here, anxiously checking the tracking on my order from Amazon that I have been waiting on for what feels like a GAZILLION YEARS, a certain thought comes to me.  Something I've been trying to deny for a long time, but I feel that I can't anymore.

I've become a bigger geek than my husband.

See, it all started almost exactly 10 years ago, when I met a redheaded tuba player wearing a Ben Folds Five shirt, and I thought, "THAT BOY will be my friend."  I didn't TELL that boy that he would be my friend; I just assumed he knew.  Either way, those mind beams worked, and he became my best male confidant and my favorite concert buddy.  I found out that he had a lifelong attachment to Peanuts comics, a sincere love for almost all things Batman (except don't ask him about Joel Schmacher...), and a constant need to ALWAYS leave the TV on either Discovery or History Channel.  He was in a comedy troupe in college that actually ended up getting kinda famous for some REALLY HILARIOUS stuff (not that I have any reason to promote that or anything), and he loves playing some video games, especially ones like Halo or Batman or FIFA Soccer.  He actually watches and enjoys soccer.

Me, I've always know that I'm a nerd.  It's not something I really try to hide.  I mean, I met my nerdy husband in college marching band, for Sousa's sake.  However, I've always taken a little comfort in the fact that, though I love him dearly and he is truly my very best friend in the world, my husband is nerdier than me.

Except, I'm the one who loves Harry Potter.  Which led me to Twilight.  And then cue Buffy.  Which led to Angel.  Which led to Buffy Season 8.  Which led to Firefly.  Which led to Serenity.  Which led to me wanting to get the Firefly comics, but he says no.  Which led to reading more YA books, involving plots of the paranormal or fantasy or sci-fi persuasion (though, there were some other connections to this that I didn't mention).  Then, I notice that I'm the one making him look at Comic-Con pictures, telling him what cosplay and steampunk mean.

Finally, what has pretty much decided that I have lost my long battle against Dorkiest Person In The House, I became the initiator for us seeing Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (he didn't mind if we saw it, but he preferred Inception).  Of course, I freakin' loved like every dang second of it.  So I went out and got the soundtrack.  And beg my friend to go with me to see it a second time.  After she stopped hysterically laughing, of course, I go onto Amazon and order the entire Scott Pilgrim graphic novel set.  Which is what I've been tracking.  (And, to those who have seen the movie, I understand the irony.  Or coincidence.  Whatever, I get it.) 

My name is Jessica, and I'm a huge, huge geek.

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