Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Life Is Average.

Not a lot going on right now.  Got back this weekend from Big Brooklyn Bouncy House Party, and it was a rockin' good time.  I only hurt myself KIND of bad, rather than a lot of bad.  Turns out, inflatable water slides are only slides when water is added.  Without water, they're just inflatable hang out spots that force you to tumble down them at alarming rates until you find out where the flat stones in the yard are located with your shoulder and possibly your legs.  Not that anything like that happened...

Mostly, I'm looking forward to this afternoon.  There will be a farmer's market in the lobby of my office building, which is (sadly) exciting for me.  I can buy some fresh fruits and veggies.  I know it's not really exciting at all, but it is to me.  And this girl.  Though... doesn't seem like it takes a lot for her...

Also, this weekend, it's girls' weekend 2010!  We are... doing the same thing we did last year!  Which is, wine tasting.  VA wines are actually pretty freakin' good (at least around the area I live), so I'm looking forward to it.  We're going to try to go to some we didn't hit last year.  If you'd like to know how I feel about this, click here. 


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