Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"So I hit him in the tray with my face."

So, there's about two hours until Psych starts, and I didn't know what to do to spend my time until then.  Twiddling my thumbs was out, as that is hugely boring, and I have been reading all of the Princess Diaries books pretty crazily lately, but the storm and my general tiredness was keeping me from wanting to read.  It's times like this when I turn on the TV and hope for a Law & Order SVU marathon (especially if it's the one with the homeless vampire that cuts off hoo-hoo dillies, because that one is hilarious).

Alas, no L&O, BUT score: America's Sweethearts!

America's Sweethearts is one of those movies that I watch whenever it's on.  I've seen it about a million times over the years, and I never seem to tire of it.  In fact, I still laugh out loud at certain parts.  I'm a super huge John Cusack fan, which is of course how I came upon this film (via my dad, who is a super huge Julia Roberts fan).  I really don't know how this movie didn't do MUCH better at the box office than it did, with its all-star cast.  However, I love it-- I love Cusack, I love CZ-J, I love Julia (especially when she goes on her rant about CZ-J's character during her breakfast), I definitely LOVE Hank Azaria with every second he is on the screen (especially if he says "junket").

So, it got me thinking-- do you have movies like this?  Not guilty pleasure, secret shameful movies that you only watch when no one else is around or with a certain group of people that you know won't make fun of you later (like Bring it On or Center Stage or Mamma Mia!), but a movie that you just LIKE.  It's not Oscar-worthy, it's not going to fix the economy or bring any new ideas into the world, but it just makes you happy.  For me, it's definitely this one.

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