Wednesday, February 3, 2010

[insert witty and punny title here]

Lost last night.  Whoa and meh.  A couple of things I liked, a couple I didn't, and some I just didn't care about.  I'm kind of ready for questions to be answered rather than more questions be introduced.  I am quite confused about Sayid's resurrection, but we'll see, I guess.  Also, the revelation that John Locke = Evil Man in Black from last season's finale was not a big WOW moment for me, because that's the only logical explanation as to who he could be.  Don't really know how I feel about it yet, but I can tell you this- I loved seeing Bernard & Rose together, even though it made me so sad.  They won't get their happy life together, because she's sick.  On the island, at least they were together with Vincent and stuff.

I looked up a 10K training program, since I've got like 8 weeks to go and I should have been training for it.  I took a page out of Amber's book and I'm following a slightly modified Hal Higdon schedule.  I'm still doing the Shred, but I'm kind of doing it my own way.  I'm not worrying about missing days so much (as long as there are just a few here or there, not like every other day or anything), but if I feel terrible, I'm not doing it.  I did Shred this morning, despite the fact that I had a sinus-y headache, but the cool thing is that working out made it go away.  Awesome sauce.  However, my plan is to continue with the Shred at least until Vegas, which is the end of the month.  I also found out that my awesome friend Erin will be in Richmond to celebrate her 30th birthday the same weekend as the 10K!  So, hooray for bonus celebrations and hooray for not having to travel to Richmond for an extra weekend :)

Speaking of said awesome friend, she made me this totally bitchin' hat that I super love.  I have been looking for a hat that looks like this for about... well, to be honest, probably since I was in high school.  It's got that old school 1920's feel to it, like a cloche, and it's pretty much the coolest.  I wore it all around the house yesterday, and I wanted to wear it to work today, but with the crappy crap weather, I decided against it.  Plus, I've been wearing my LL Bean "Holy Crap It's Snow-pocalypse Cold Outside" coat to work, and it would not look as good with it.  Either way, check it out below!!

Love ya, hat!

The sun is out!  Melt that snow!  Melt that snow!  We need to make room for the next foot or more that supposed to be coming this weekend.  (Or, as my brother called it, Snowmageddon 2010: Snow Looking Back)  Siiiiiiiiigh...


  1. Yay! So if I'm not in Spain the week you're all in Richmond, I'd like to go to Richmond too. Maybe I should start training for the 10k just in case I'm in town?? I do like Hal Higdon's plans for sure.

    But crap... P90X, Bikram, & 10k training? Something's gotta give. I'm sure it'll be P90X since I'm already half-assing it as it is. I'm trying to stay on track though. We'll see... but I'll keep you posted!

  2. yay! that would be awesome! i already told jack he'd be meeting the text bff, so he should meet the tweet bff too :) also, hopefully i won't die during the race so i can party down.