Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"The sky looks pissed...the wind talks back..."

SERIOUSLY, so over this weather.  I never in my life thought I would tire of snow, and yet, here I am.  I want it to GO.  AWAY.  It's just everywhere and irritating and making me cold and I feel like I'm going to fall on ice every day.  I'm too clumsy for this kind of weather.

A few entries ago, I talked about Lost.  And I didn't realize that it came on TODAY, not tomorrow.  So.. YAAAAAY.  I'm so excited.  As previously stated, I love TV (der) and I especially love well-done TV (thought I don't exclusively love well-done TV; please see also any entry about Angel).  Lost is especially well-done TV.  It's one of the only shows that can continue to surprise me.  I gasp, I yell, I talk back, and I generally interact with an inanimate object.  Now, I have been known to talk to the TV on many occasions, regardless of the quality emanating from it.  With Lost, though, it's different.  It's not passive at all.  I don't feel like I'm just sitting there, staring, while the pretty colors change.  It's like a total experience.  The only other shows I can think of that make me react like this are Glee and Pushing Daisies.  Then again, with those two shows, I may just be reacting to the pretty colors.

Either way, I am sad for Lost to end, but I'm also kind of relieved.  Watching Lost is... well, as I said, it's not a passive activity.  After you watch it, your mind hurts.  You need to talk it out.  You need to know what's coming next.  You need to know what is UP with the Dharma Initiative.  Are they scientists?  Are they crazy hippies?  Are they government coverups?  Where can I get one of those awesome jumpsuits?  Too many questions.  There aren't many shows out there that rile their fans into such a rabid frenzy.  Especially when none of it is REAL.  Personally, I find it semi-exhausting, and I can't wait for my many questions to be answered in just a few months' time.

If they don't explain the numbers, though... someone's getting punched.


  1. And the Smoke Monster may come back to punch people too!
    My husband is forcing me to watch the recap. I don't know if I can handle these 3 hrs of Lost. But thats why I'm catching up on blogs instead!

  2. I thought of you last night when Smokey McGee DID start punching people. I much enjoyed that part when he tricked the guy into falling out of the protective "Hocus Pocus Salt Circle" and then staked him.