Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 28- A Song That Makes You Feel Guilty

I am such a procrastinator.  I am often my own worst enemy.  I stand in my own way so much, though I'm not sure if it's intentional or just laziness.  So many things I want to do, so many roads I want to take, and yet... I don't.  There's always an excuse, there's always a distraction, and it's so frustrating that I am so aware of it and yet I do nothing to change it. 

Every time I hear this song and think about the words, I think to myself, "SO TRUE.  Let's do this!"  And then... nothing. 

So, hear this Self: There's only us.  There's only this.  Forget regret or life is yours to miss.  No other road.  No other way.  No day but today.

1 comment:

  1. I had the words to this in the ID window of my wallet (and in the altoids in i used for a wallet) in college -
    so true!