Friday, April 22, 2011

Why My Mom Is The Best

I follow a super fun, funny, and inspiring blog called Tales from the Motherhood.  Wendy Hagen is a former child actress who is now a mother of three hilariously awesome kids, and they got that way because she is hilariously awesome as well.  She's currently hosting a Mother's Day contest with tons of prizes and coolness, so I'm going to answer some questions about my moms in order to give her prizes and coolness on her day.  Check out Wendy's blog to answer the questions and try to win for YOUR moms too!

1. What is your best childhood memory with your mom?
My favorite childhood memories of my mom all involve her being the hostess.  No one can plan and execute a party quite like Carol.  There are themes and door prizes and scavenger hunts and elaborate decorations.  Our birthday parties were always so much fun, with just the right amount of planned game activities and free-for-all time, complete with chaotic present opening and delicious, meticulously frosted cakes in every shape, size, and character imaginable (and all homemade, thank you very much!).  Her creativity knows no bounds, and it's been really fun to see her continue that tradition with the new generation of kids tumbling through their house.  The best and most embarrassing game she created?  She got me a life size cardboard cutout of the New Kids On The Block, glued velcro lips on them, and we had to throw a velcro-covered plastic ball in order to Kiss Our Favorite New Kid.  I think that cutout is still at my parents' house, velcro lips and all.

2. Was she consistent in her discipline?
Wendy hinted that we should answer NO to this question... but truthfully, I don't think I can.  She was very consistent, especially for punishments for my brother and me.  Her mantra was "The Punishment Should Fit The Crime," so we didn't get your run-of-the-mill groundings like my friends got.  If we failed a test, we had to study that subject extra every night under her watch.  If we lied, we weren't allowed phone time with our friends.  If we didn't do what she asked, she would think of something off the wall to make us do.  In general, don't cross Mrs. B.

3. Did you ever make your mom cry because you were so unruly or disobedient?

I'm sure that I did, but she wouldn't do that in front of us.  I've been told that my brother and I were mostly good kids, and we didn't do anything SO unruly and disobedient because... well, did you read my answer for #2?  We didn't want to know what her creative mind would think of next.  My mother plays her emotions very close to the vest, though, so if she did, she wouldn't let us see it.  Occasionally, we would make her so angry that she would order us away for 10 minutes so she could calm herself enough to deal with us rationally.  Probably because we talked too much...

4. Do you remember any of the special things your mom did for you?

The parties, of course, were very special.  However, the best thing in recent times that my mom has done was come take care of me and my dog when I was so sick I couldn't function.  This was the worst I remember feeling ever, and I was home alone with the dog who didn't understand why all I could do was lay on the couch and cry.  At the ripe old age of 29, I called my mom in tears and begged her to come help me.  She was there as soon as she could get there.  It's comforting to know that you're never too old to call mommy.
5. Did she teach you anything really significant?

My mother continues to teach me significant things every day just by being herself.  I know she's my mom and I'm biased and everything, but seriously, she is the strongest and most selfless person on the planet.  She never puts herself first.  She has been there for her friends and family through the hardest times they could imagine, and she will do whatever they need without blinking.  She's everyone's mother, taking care of children young and old, providing them with the best desserts, the best hugs, and the best conversations.  I know that I will be an excellent mother one day because I have had the most excellent guide to follow.  That is the most significant thing I can think of.

SO... happy early mother's day to all those mothers out there, or soon-to-be mothers, or maybe-one-day-will-be mothers, or even pet-and-rescue mothers (like me!).  And, THANKS MOMMA for being amazing!  And, you know, for having me.  That was super cool of you.


  1. I'm pretty sure OM probably brought your mother to tears a few times...
    yes - your mother is AMAZING - momma B was always there, for EVERYTHING!

  2. Ahh your mom sounds sweet. And I still call my mom when I am sick. Nothing beats a mom when your sick. Forget the fact that I am 36 and have a hubby and 3 kids. Moms are the best for that.
    So cool that she gave you all those cool parties and I would LOVE to see a pic of the New Kids thing. How fabulous.