Monday, July 26, 2010

"Bunch of skulls, Bunch. Of Skulls..."

Like last year, Hubs and I were able to score some tickets to Virgin Mobile FreeFest.  The tickets are totally free, which rules, and that makes whatever acts you see worth it, even if they suck.  Last year's experience was something to behold, a few of the highlights being:

*Seeing Weezer, even though it was far from our first Weezer experience.  Again, IT WAS FREE.  FREE WEEZER.

*People watching!  All types of people come out to this event, from fans of the music to people who decided free = fun, to drunk frat guys w/o shirts trying to drink a full pitcher of beer each.  The latter is kind of the best, because they are SO EXCITED when you first see them, only to look like sunburned death 4 hours later.

*The Karaoke booth.  Oh, wow.  My favorite duo: two guys "singing" Possum Kingdom by the Toadies.  It's one of my ab fave songs of the 90's, and they... did not really do so well.  Lots of yelling, LOTS of laughter from both the crowd AND the performers.

*Franz Ferdinand.  They were the last band we saw (having no urge to see Blink-182 at all), and it was a lovely way to end such a long day.  They sounded tight and fresh, and it was perfect to stand in the evening breeze after sweating our dancin' butts off to...

*GIRL TALK.  Freakin' amazing in all ways.  No other way to describe it.  We danced and danced and danced until we could barely stand.  EVERYONE was going nutso.  I made "friends" with a girl because I skanked with her to a sample of 1901, our friends Migs & Shani actually got MY HUSBAND to do some dancing, which is near impossible, and it was just awesome.  The title of this entry comes from our craziness during the set, where there were RANDOM IMAGES blasted on the screens on either side of the stage.  Migs and I took to yelling out whatever showed on the screens, including but not limited to "there goes the earth, there goes the moon!" "toilet!" "sunglasses!"  In general, if you EVER get a chance to see Girl Talk, run DO NOT WALK as fast as you can to get there.

This year's FreeFest looks to entertain me almost as much, if for no other reason than to see JIMMY EAT WORLD.
Jimmy Eat World Pictures, Images and Photos
YAY!  They have only been one of my most favorite bands since college, and I have never been able to see them live.  Granted, it probably won't be the greatest venue in which to see them, but I'm not picky right now.

I'm also looking forward to The Temper Trap, Yeasayer, Matt & Kim, Joan Jett (I hear she LOVES rock and roll), and even a little Pavement.  Either way, WTG Richard Branson.

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