Friday, July 2, 2010

"I've chosen my life- now I want to start living it."

I went to see Eclipse on the day it came out, at a theater in town.  This was kind of a gamble, considering that theaters here are not nice.  We do not have any nice stadium-seating, non-sticky-floor places to choose from here.  For that, you gotta drive to Richmond or Frederickburg.  Or possibly Culpeper...  Yet, even in those "nicer" theaters, we've had some issues before where there's been drunk 18-year-olds that snuck in a flask or a Twilight mom who got snippy with me and I almost had to go Wayne Brady on her.  On top of that, Eclipse was my #2 fave of the series after my first read-through, and I didn't want this to be all camped out and silly like Twilight the Movie aka Who Farted?

I shouldn't have worried.

The movie was pretty great, as far as Twilight movies go.  It was entertaining, it was suspenseful, it touched on the important parts of the plot and included some of my favorite parts of the book without messing them up.  In general, as I tweeted out that night, what has two thumbs and loves Eclipse?  This girl.

However, I said it about New Moon, and I'll say it again.  To me, these movies really force the Team Jacob mentality.  Personally, I'm a big fan of Edward Cullen.  I think he's an amazingly interesting character for our generation, and [yeah, this is dumb but meh] I also think he's kinda dreamy.  However, the more I seem to talk to people about this, the more I find that I'm kind of out here alone.  One of the arguments I hear is that Edward is too controlling and Jacob is so much sweeter, and my sister-in-law claims that she dislikes Edward more with each read.  Frankly, I find Jacob to be kind of a jerk.  He's pushy and arrogant (and 17, but still), and he irritates me.

The issue for me is that with each read, I find myself becoming more tired of Bella.  Why is she so helpless?  Why is she always crying and complaining?  Why is she always playing the victim?  Honey, do you SEE what you HAVE?  Good grief, it's annoying.

I've got to wrap this up, but in general, solid B+ to Eclipse the movie.  Better acting, better writing (somewhat...), better movie.  Now it's time to wait for the final installments and the "little teeth-baby."

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  1. I am solid TEAM EDWARD forever and ever. And that's because Bella freakin' LOVES Edward. Yeah she "loves" Jacob, but not in the same way. You just can't force yourself to have that passion that she & Edward feel for each other. Ok, now I sound stupid because I'm 29 years old.

    I love this blog entry, btw and LOVE the "who farted?" thing. So true. lol.