Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Glee, TB, and Travel-y

I read this quote today in an interview posted on Yahoo about Glee's Golden Globe noms.  It makes me smile a lot and be very anxious for April 13.

"Okay, listen. We had Kristen (Chenoweth, Menzel's "Wicked" costar), now Idina's coming," gushed actor Chris Colfer (Kurt). "I don't . . . I can't even fathom that. I can't even talk about it. I am so, so excited. I just . . ."

"I think you just peed a little bit," joked actor Mark Salling (Puck).

"I did," Colfer replied. "I think I just did."


I've been watching "The Sing-Off" to try to stave off the jitters.  It's been kinda fun, though nothing like my own personal brand of heroin.  I think Nick Lachey talks WAY too much and I fast forward through everything Nicole the Pussycat Doll says, but I enjoy the singing.  It makes me miss Low Key, and I'm looking forward to April for Glee AND for the LK reunion.  I can't believe we started it 10 years ago...

So the role of Alcide has been cast for this upcoming season of True Blood, and he will be played by Joe Manganiello (see left).  I have seen some pictures that have not impressed me, so I found this one and thought, "Okay, he'll do."  However, no matter what I will see him in, I will always think of him saying that the Eggs Benny is redonk and how he'll go halfsies on a gravy boat. 
I just really love the character, especially in the 3rd book.  As the series rolls on, I find that I kind of want to smack him royally about the face and neck, but I love him and Sookie together at the beginning.  He reminds me of one of my friends from the way back days, which is funny to ME because Jacob Black ALSO reminds me of this friend, and I feel like Alcide is the Jacob of the Sookie-verse.
In other non-tv related news, I'm feeling the urge to travel, and what sucks is that I don't have the funds to back up said urge.  We're going to Florida after Christmas with the in-laws (which is never as bad as it sounds when you have my in-laws!), which will be nice... BUT... that's not the travelling I'm looking for.  I've been emailing back and forth with a recently reacquainted friend, and I'm certain this is what has caused my travel fever.  She lives in Missouri (a state I've never seen outside of its airport), and I'm really looking forward to it.  HOWever, it's not until June.  I think what I really miss is having close girl friends to hang out with.
At least I'll be able to get in some good girly times this weekend.  It's the annual girls party, and it should be food, drink, and silly-filled.  Also, Sherry already figured out who all the Secret Santas are, so there won't be any surprises.  Just like last year... 

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