Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Who's the Big Bad?

If you're reading this blog, then you should already know that I'm definitely a TV addict. I don't like to use the "a" word like that, but it's the truth. I love it. I love watching it, analyzing it, talking about it, seeing the same silly plot tangles over and over, being (rarely) surprised by a bit of awesomely acted/shot/produced show, and I'm a sucker for a marathon. Because of this... addiction, there are certain shows that I have steered away from over the years. I know who I am, and I know what will happen if I watch something that the general population calls "addictive." Certain shows, well, I just couldn't stop myself (Lost comes to mind...). Usually, after a shows goes off the air, I don't bother. The advent of DVD has changed that for me.

Hence, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I didn't watch this when it first came on in 1997. I was probably watching something ridiculous like Dawson's Creek or the original 90210 or Daria (WHICH IS COMING OUT ON DVD IN 2010!!!) or I was like practicing the clarinet or some other nerd-bomber-y activity. However, I do remember hearing about it, and as a fan of the campy movie, I thought it sounded kind of stupid (yes, I'm aware of how stupid the movie is, so shut it). Thus, it went by completely off my radar.

Then, in 2008, I decided to rekindle a love affair with vampires that had remained dormant since my teen years and repeated viewings of "Interview with a Vampire." Me + Twilight series = BFF! Then True Blood! And the Sookie Stackhouse novels! It started to feel strange that people in my life WEREN'T vampires... After I had read the books (*COUGH*four times*COUGH*), and season 2 of True Blood ended, and New Moon the movie was far on the horizon, I suffered withdrawl of the vamp. What now? There's nothing new.

Also in 2008, I decided to develop a wee little crush on David Boreanaz, started by TNT airing reruns of Bones. (I friggin' love Bones.) I had never been one of those fan girls that found Angel attractive (or Spike either, for that matter), and I didn't understand it. Then, Special Agent Seeley Booth happened, and I said, "OH, I get it now!" Jack and I had been watching the entire series of Bones via Netflix, and that was quickly coming to an end. What now, indeed??

And so, I watched the entire first season of Buffy on Hulu in virtually one evening.

Now, I'm on season seven (the last season!!), and I definitely get what all the hubbub was about. It's really great television. Interesting story lines that actually take me by surprise, unexpected deaths, awesome Big Bad villains, cheesy effects, even cheesier demons, ridiculously brilliant dialogue, and generally all the things that I love about TV. Plus, musical episode? Hello? Love it. I'm hooked, for reals.

After this is over, though... what now?? It never ends...

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  1. I too share your love of all things vampy. I admit I totally had a crush on Spike (after Angel was outta the picture). Have you ever given House or Prison Break(off the air now) a go? Both excellent series.
    Have you seen any vampirey/twilighty/true bloody ornaments? Something I need to look into..