Friday, December 11, 2009

Thank you, Popwatch.

I read this in Popwatch this morning (one of the blogs that I frequent), and it captured my favorite line from last night's Community while also suggesting something brilliante.

"Shirley can't believe Jeff is agnostic. 'You think religion is stupid?' she asked Jeff, who responded with this extended metaphor: 'To me, religion is like Paul Rudd. I see the appeal, and I would never take it away from anyone. But I would also never stand in line for it.' All right, let's start the campaign for Paul Rudd guest starring as a religion professor now."

I l-o-v-e the Rudd. I think he has the best career ever, with the perfect amount of indie cred and mass mainstream appeal. I mean, even my PARENTS love the Rudd. But still, that's an amazing comparison, and that would be amazing to see him on Community, one of my new favorite shows. It didn't make me laugh until I cried last night like Bones ("where's your chest hair?") or Sunny (the infamous poisoned relish-mayonnaise-shampoo convo), but still, solid.

On the knitting front, which I haven't actually talked about lately, I've been trying to do some small projects to pass out as Christmas gifts this year. I had the great idea of knitting a washcloth for my cousin who loves NC State. I had what I thought was enough red yarn in my stash. Turns out, washcloths take a CRAP-TON of yarn for their size. So instead I'm using this other, bulkier yarn to do it, and now it's like the NC State placemat. Eh, whatever, it'll do. Hopefully, I'll be able to complete a few more smaller projects (more washcloths, perhaps a hat and earwarmer or two), and everyone I know will appreciate them.

Reunion tomorrow. I'll try to update soon after with a play-by-play of its randomness.

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