Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What have you done today to make you feel proud?

I got up and went to work?

I've talked about this before, but I love The Biggest Loser. Personally, I think it's a good mix of drama, competition, and inspiration. Every season, I tell myself I'm not going to get sucked in, and every season, I'm back on the couch on Tuesday night. Jack has just given up, and he hangs out with me while it's on (he CLAIMS he doesn't watch it, but I know he does!). We even have a LAST CHANCE WORKOUT game in which we... count how many times they say Last Chance Workout. This will probably become a drinking game next season...

To me, though, TBL has been a good motivator. Last season, I would purposefully plop in front of the TV to watch it while eating junk food. I would think about what junk I would eat while these people worked themselves to almost death. Chips, ice cream, snacky snacks, anything. It seemed kind of funny.

And somehow I'm surprised that I've gained some weight in the past year...

This time around, I find that their stories are inspiring me to get off my lazy patoot and do something. With the mentality I have, I could be on the path to something terrible. I don't want to reach the rock bottom of life before I make a change for the better.

The other thing is, my grandfather was one healthy dude (pretty much right until the very end). His doctors were always amazed at the way his body reacted to medicines, how someone at his age could beat a fairly aggressive cancer for so long. His main doctor would always push for him, telling specialists to treat him as though he were a much younger man, because that's how his body reacted. He was able to live as well and as long as he did because he took good care of himself. I want that kind of life- a happy, healthy life. The only person that can give me that is me. The only person I can blame is me. It's all up to me.

So, who's excited for Christmas? I'm looking forward to the next few weeks. This Saturday, I have the underground VHS Class of 1999 reunion. I'm hoping to tell someone that I invented post-its. Next weekend, it's the (fourth? fifth?) annual Girls Christmas in Richmond. It's a good time of drinks and food and cookies and presents and hysterical laughter. Then, it's Christmas week! THEN, for the week after, I'll be on a boat off the coast of Florida somewhere with the boat people that are my in-laws.

This is getting rambly.


  1. I've never really watched TBL, but I caught the last few weeks & totally hooked. Bummed I haven't been watching all season. Maybe for the next! But, what happens to all that skin when they lose the weight??

  2. i think some of them get it removed, but it's a really expensive procedure. seriously, though-- yeesh.