Thursday, December 10, 2009

An Open Letter to My Favorite Show

Dear Glee,
First off, I have to tell you that you are my crack. It's true. From the very beginning. I remember when I first saw you in May, and you were the bright shiny light in my dark, BHLPC-filled world. Then, you magically reappeared in my life in September, reminding me why I love TV and why I love singing. You made me forget my old bitter feelings toward people I used to sing with and showed me that I truly missed performing. You sang songs that I loved for years, and you made me laugh out loud. Television doesn't surprise me or make me laugh unless it's truly something to behold. You have been that something.

Now, I see you're leaving me until April? What's that about? How will I be able to go on? And AMERICAN IDOL is taking your place? I am officially TOO OLD to be the next American Idol, and that means it needs to be done. What have these Idol contestants even done lately? (Hey, Adam Lambert, sit down.) This is just plain mean, leading me on like this only to leave me in the cold. I do not appreciate it.

However, like a jilted lover, I will come back to you with full forgiveness. You know I could never leave you.

Also, stop making me cry. I don't know how you do it, but just quit.

Jessica Sheehan

P.S. Seriously. Lea Michele and Amber Riley need to quit making me cry with their amazing powerhouse performances.

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