Tuesday, January 12, 2010

30DS Day 2

I've read all these reviews of the Shred, and these women claim that they can't move after they do the first day, that it hurts to roll over in bed, that they physically grip the stair rail for fear of falling because their legs can't hold them.  I didn't feel like that.  My legs felt sore, but it was that good kind of sore, if that makes sense.

What a difference a day makes.

My arms are totally killing me.  I know the reason behind this, though.  You're supposed to do the strength training with hand weights, and I didn't yesterday because they were in the same room with the dog and I didn't feel like getting her all riled up at 6 am.  So now, my arms are like totally meh, which should make today interesting.  My calves and thighs are pretty dang sore still.

BUT I made it through 2 whole days without quitting.  I'm counting it in the little victories for now.

Angel on TNT is wearing a bright yellow and white striped shirt.  Um... what happens in the next two seasons that Angel would wear anything besides BLACK?  Or perhaps a dark charcoal GREY?  I'm intrigued...

seriously... what in the world?

Update: decided to wear my boots with heels to work today.  might decide to punch myself in the face for it later.  good gravy, calves feel crazy.  that almost rhymes.

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