Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 3

So... remember yesterday how I said that those ladies who had to grip the stair rail so they didn't fall were crazy?  I take it back!  I had to do the same thing when I left work yesterday and at home as well.  Stairs are not my friend.  However, if I feel like this after 3 days, it must be working.

I feel like it is, too.  I LOOK skinnier.  My abs look more defined.  To me, my face looks skinnier.  I feel like I've already lost an inch.  That is probably impossible, but it feels like I did.  I was thinking about my previous entry, and while I won't post a pic of me (though I'm thinking of posting one at 10, 20, and 30 days), I will tell you that when I started this, these were my stats:
-Weight 145
-Height 5'5" (I'm guessing this won't change...)
-Waist about 33 inches
-Hips about 40 inches

So... we'll see how this goes.  Ugh, I'm already embarrassed.  Knowing this is out there will surely help me keep going.

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