Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Picture A Day Helps Keep Boredom At Bay.

First, an update to yesterday's entry- I did NOT watch TBL because Hubs said he would rather watch something else, and the best time to miss TBL is at the beginning when you don't really know anyone yet and everyone drops like a bazillion pounds.  Therefore, we watched (500) Days of Summer instead.  I had never seen it, but I wanted it for Christmas anyway.  Zooey Deschanel + Joseph Gordon-Levitt (or, as we call him in our house, 3rd Rock) + The Smiths = one happy jeskuh.  Also, in other blog update news, Jillian workouts are free on Comcast On Demand.  So... that's kinda awesome.  Perhaps I can get a dose of BEATINGS, BEATINGS, BEATINGS from JM herself.

Now, onto new news.  Or new updates.  New ramblings?  Eh, whatever.  I recently joined a site called Momentile.  It's essentially a daily photo diary.  You upload one photo a day, and that's it.  It's not really a social networking site, though you can "stalk" people and have people "stalk" you, and you can "stash" pics of other users that you see that interest you, but mostly it's just about capturing the moment of the day in one picture.  My sister-in-law Jo uses it, and when we were on a boat (we're on a boat, i am on a boat, sorry distracted today!) I kept thinking about how really fun and interesting it sounded.  I noticed myself looking around for something to stand out, thinking about what I would post as my pic of the day.

Apparently, it's in its early stages, so you need invites OR an iPhone.  It actually works totes awesome with the iPhone, because you take it, upload it, and you're done.  It's like 5 seconds.  And, you don't need an invite to join.  You just download the (free!) app, create an account, and go to Picture Town.  So far, I've invited Jack and my bother.  I figured they'd be the most "into" it.  However, I got 8 invites left, if anyone's interested.  And by anyone, I mean the 2-3 people who may actually read this blog... Tell your friends ;)

Sometimes, I feel like I'm really not updating this for anyone but me.  Sometimes, I like that thought.

Got the Buffy comics in the mail.  Will start shortly.  Finished "Evermore."  Liked it, didn't love it.  It's inspired me to write more, though, because it's showing me the style I DON'T want to emulate.  More like Stephenie, less like Alyson.  Still, I want to read the other 2.  Also want to read the Westerfield series Erin told me about.  Lots of things to interest me in this new year.

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  1. Argh - so I'm reading your blogs out of order. You got the memo on free Jillian Michael's workouts. :)