Friday, May 21, 2010

Follow Blog Friday

In case you were on the edge of your seat last night thinking about this, this was my TV watching schedule.  8 pm: an episode of Bones that I will equate to the TV version of Breaking Dawn (huge build-up which leads to... nothing, really), 9 pm: a solid, if not semi-boring, finale of The Office, 9:30 pm: began the DVR'd Grey's Anatomy, at which time The Hubs went upstairs so I could cry and gasp and react and have a near-coronary due to stress, and finally, 11 pm: began the DVR'd Community because I was all keyed up from Grey's.  Seriously, I think my blood pressure was through the roof watching Grey's last night.  Oh man, it was just great.  AMAZING performances from the entire cast (though, as usual, Chandra Wilson and Sandra Oh were STAND-OUTS!), really great writing, directing, all of it.  Just great.

So, I get to work today, and I do my usual mosey over to Google Reader to see what new blog posts have popped up today.  After seeing another highly hilarious post on Fail Blog, I decided to acknowledge some of my favorite blogs.  Kind of a #FF post, just... you know... not on Twitter.  SO, besides FAIL, here are a few of my faaaaaavorite blogs (though, no people I know personally are on this list, just because).

*Cake Wrecks: Messed-up cakes.  Cakes full of typos and black icing and shaped like objects no cake should ever be in and blobs of junk you would never, EVER want to eat.  The mascot of the blog is a mohawked baby riding a carrot.  How are you not there right now, looking at these terrible confections??

*Go Fug Yourself: This has been one of my old stand-bys for a long, long, long time.  In fact, writer Jessica was the first person I didn't know to @ reply to me on Twitter, and you would have thought I'd died and gone to 15 minutes of fame heaven.  Jess & Heather find pictures of celebs dressed like... well, like they didn't put the lights on in their house, and they mock them.  Incessantly.  Also, they love George Clooney.  Thus, I love them.

*The Bad-Ass Geek: This is a relatively new find for me, and I'm glad I happened upon it.  This Geek writes about the ponderings of his mind, and all of this entries start with the words, "In Which."  Kind of like Friends, but... a blog.  And it's way funnier than the last few seasons of Friends. 

*Looks Good From the Back: This is the brainchild of two ladies who take pictures of what they wear each day, tell you why they wore it and where it came from.  Occasionally, they will go to stores and try stuff on, and then post pictures of the stuff they tried on.  It's kind of like going shopping with your girlfriends, but while you sit at your desk and drink your coffee.  They also own a LOT of really cute shoes that I covet.

So, a question to my bevy of followers (or perhaps only to myself...), are there any blogs you love?  What are they?  Let me know, because I'm kind of a blogaholic.  In a good way.

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  1. Thanks for the link! Very kind of you. Here are a few random blogs I like:

    good stories:

    pretty to look at:

    great food descriptions: