Thursday, May 13, 2010

Yay weekend/Greatest name ever.

I am so excited for this weekend, which starts for me in about 4.5 hours.  I'll be getting homemade delicious dinner tonight from my uncle, hanging with the Cuz and her new little bit, and then heading back to my parents' house.  Tomorrow, Mom wants to go outlet shopping in Williamsburg, and she just SO twisted my arm to tag along!  THEN, we'll have an evening at the theater in Ghent... or rather, it's my faux-niece & nephew's end of the year play, so it will be more unpredictable than a night at the theater.  After that, the rest of my weekend is officially plan-free, but I PLAN on relaxing with the fam.  I haven't gotten to see any of them in a while, and the aforementioned fauxs are always always a good time.  They are just about as silly as can be, and usually one or both of them will say something completely off the wall that makes me love them more.

And on that cheery note, as well as in keeping with the theme from yesterday, I'm posting the video for the newest internet sensation, Greyson Chance.  First, I want to point out that Greyson Chance is an amazing name.  It sounds like a comic book character or something.  Either way, props to Mom and Pop Chance for that one.  Secondly, this kid did a piano cover version of Lady Gaga's Paparazzi.  It's not one of my favorite Gaga's, even with Eric Northman being in the video.  However, I could pretty much listen to this version all day.  It's soulful and sweet, and holy crap, can this kid sing!  (His Bieber haircut not withstanding)  In fact, this video is super popular right now, so much so that Ellen had him on the show today.  Thirdly, despite all the gushing I just did about this kid's awesome talent, my favorite part of this video is not him.  It's the girls behind him in the last row.  When he is starting, they look so bored.  When he sings... well, seriously, just watch them.  I have seen that happen in real time before, and it's so friggin' funny all over again.


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  2. he is so incredible!! He was on Ellen yesterday too, and he seemed so comfortable up on stage with her. (Correction: now that I read your entire blog post and saw you already commented on Ellen, I feel a little silly...I just got super excited that you posted the link of him at his school talent show!) He is going places for sure!