Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"Song's Called Never Met a Girl Like You Before."

Every Cinco de Mayo, I think of drinking margaritas and making some tacos (and my friend Trish because it's her b'day), just like most other Americans who have Americanized this into a drinking holiday (see also, St. Patrick's Day). 

Also, I always have this song stuck in my head on this day every year.  It's by Flogging Molly, which is not your typical Cinco de Mayo artist (unless you're listening to this song).  HOWever, because of what Mr. Dave King yells around the 2:05 minute mark, I think of this EVERY TIME THE WORDS Cinco de Mayo are mentioned.  Ever.  I'm sure you'll understand.

So, if you think of me today, just assume "Never Met a Girl Like You Before" is running through my head on repeat.  At least I really love this song.

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