Monday, May 3, 2010

I guess he IS listening...

Time: this morning
Place: living room
Players: Starring me as me and Jack as The Hubs

AND action!

Me: I'm surprised you haven't said anything about what I'm wearing.
Hubs: Why?
Me: Because this is a different style of shirt that I usually wear [side note: I tried to link to a picture of the shirt, but it's apparently NOT at, even though I got the shirt SATURDAY.  EDIT: it's here.]
Hubs: That's true.  It looks very good on you.  You look very grown-up today...
Me: Thank you!
Hubs: ...And because you look grown-up today, it means you're going to feel uncomfortable all day because you feel like you're playing dress-up.
Me: [silence as I ponder how well The Hubs knows me]
Hubs: Love you!  Have a good day!

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