Monday, May 3, 2010

YOU KNOW what I'm going to say!

Lots of my favorite shows had the week off last week, which is why I didn't post that much TV-related anything.  However, Lost should be new again this week, as well as How I Met Your Mother and other gems such as this. 

This doesn't apply to the best show you're not watching, Party Down.  They came back with their 2nd episode of the season, and it was pretty fantastic.  The relationship between Kyle and Roman continues to crack me up (especially Ryan Hansen's hilarious "FOOM" after tricking Roman into telling him the truth), Casey getting a "small but meaty" role in the new Apatow flick will bring a different light to her struggling comedienne character, JK Simmons making up curse words is comedy gold, and Joey Lauren Adams looked pretty much back to her fighting weight (I get concerned when actors & actresses I like gain weight...). 

BUT, the best part is yet to come.  Thomas Lennon (he of the teeny shorts on Reno 911) will be on next week's plotline-NSFW episode.  Any time former cast members of The State reunite, it makes the teenage girl in me very happy.  Also, it makes me wanna... share this clip with you :)  Story is, MTV execs wanted The State to create a character that had a catchphrase.  This is what they came up with to tell the execs to SHUT UP.  (BTW, Joe Lo Truglio FTW.)

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