Thursday, April 29, 2010


Went to see Paramore last night, and it RULED.  I love love loved it.  Hayley can really wail.  She was pretty flawless, though I think her vocals on "Let The Flames Begin" blew me away the most.  She wore like crazy leopard-print leggings that cracked me up.  Yay!

Sometimes, I like to go to YouTube to see if I can find any old videos that I used to watch or hear songs I haven't heard in a long time or find the person who put the entire Buffy musical "Once More, With Feeling" onto their site and listen to that (if for nothing else than to sing, "They Got the Mustard Oooooooout!").  Today, I looked up a song I used to play on my radio show just about every chance I got (which meant, about once every two weeks, or whenever Rachel forgot how long it had been since I'd last played it).  I found the video for it today, a beautifully stripped-down acoustic cover of "Bizarre Love Triangle" by a band called Frente!  Always remember the exclamation!

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