Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I love Lost.  It's one of those shows that consistently blows my mind.  The first season is still without a doubt the greatest, and it's one of the greatest first seasons of TV ever.  I've been looking forward to watching this last season pretty much ever since it was announced that the 6th would be the last season.


I find myself confused week after week.  I'll hear the buzz that it's a particularly mind-blowing episode, and then I watch, and I find myself... whelmed.  This past Tuesday's Desmond-centric mindscrew called Happily Ever After had a LOT of buzz around it, and I was really excited to see what would happen.  In general, everything that happened completely made sense to me.  I wasn't terribly surprised, I wasn't blown away (except for the "Not Penny's Boat" flashback, which gave me chills)-- I simply watched.

The thing is, maybe I've watched TOO many shows in my life, and now everything is predictable.  I know I'm that way with sitcoms, so I can't watch any average sitcom without wanting to gag and die of boredom.  Sometimes, it's nice to see the same plot line over and over, giving me a sense of stability in the world (Saved By the Bell, I'm looking at you!).  However, a show that is well known for its ability to go kookoonutty should not seem predictable to me.  And yet, it was.  All of the reveals that were "supposed" to make you say WOW, they just left me hanging.  It was all kind of Duh to me.

You've only got like 7 shows left, Lost.  Please don't disappoint.


  1. AMEN. I keep saying I need some answers but still haven't really gotten any.

  2. i tried... i tried really hard to get into Lost... I just couldn't do it! is there something wrong with me? (rhetorical question).