Monday, April 19, 2010

Party Down!

In honor of the fact that one of my new favorite shows is coming back for a new season on Friday, I am posting one of my favorite clips.  This is by far not the funniest thing that's ever happened on the show, nor is it particularly that indicative of the show's quirky and off-color humor.  However, I have loved Ken Marino for so, so long, and his delivery of just the word "no" always gives me a smile.  It's so basic, yet just so perfect.

See here for my most favorite line delivery by Ken of all time: Tenement: "THE STATE classes things up with dramatic turn, though they did have to soften the language a bit for television."


  1. we don't have starz so I've never seen (or hear of actually) that show... but it looks funny! & then i was like WHERE do I know that girl from... duh! True Blood!

  2. we caught it on netflix instant watch (jack has it hooked up to his xbox), and it just cracked us up. so, so funny. it definitely gets pretty inappropriate, but that's what makes us laugh :) plus, jack and i both love ken marino since his days on the state. i think jack's love for the state is partial why i married him...