Friday, April 9, 2010

Glen Hansard is trying to capture my soul.

Listening to WNRN (indie station in town) right now, and they played a song by the Swell Season, the "group" featured in the amazing, beautiful, subtle and perfect movie "Once."  It's a modern day musical/love story that gives me chills just to think about.  My favorite part of the movie comes very close to the beginning, where our hero (the unnamed Glen) sings this heart-wrenching number on the streets of Dublin.  He sings with such fervor, such emotion, that it never fails to catch my breath and stop me in my tracks.  This kind of goes without saying, but I love this song.  I think it's one of my top 5 songs ever.  It goes back and forth with Falling Slowly, the song from "Once" that won them an Oscar, but this one is much deeper, less well-known.  It's... making me speechless, and that DOESN'T happen often!  Just watch and learn, champs.


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